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Vera-T™:   Extending the power of information.

Exavera offers a complete suite of intelligent RFID devices to maximize safety and optimize workflow in secure environments.

The Vera-T family of secure wireless bracelets, asset tags and staff badges enable the identification, location and tracking services central to the eShepherd™ and eContain™ information delivery solutions.

In constant communication with the VeraFi Access Reading Point, the Vera-T family’s RFID-enabled devices empower unprecedented communications flow within diverse markets such as healthcare and homeland security. In these business segments, the Vera-T products ensure security, enhance productivity, enable efficient workflow, maximize safety, and prevent theft.

Because line of sight is not required, the Vera-T devices are able to communicate with the network through obstacles including building structures and human bodies. All transactions are secure through proprietary and universally accepted algorithms.

NOTES : (1) This device is subject to the FCC rules. Prior to any sale or delivery, the device will comply fully with all applicable FCC rules, including any rules requiring equipment certification, verification, or declaration of conformity as applicable; and (2) This equipment is only offered to business, commercial, industrial, scientific or medical users.

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