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VeraFi™: The heart of a new model in information delivery.

At the center of Exavera’s information-delivery suite is the VeraFi™ access reading point – the first integrated wireless point-of-service access device engineered for secured broadband communication as well as real-time location and identification services.

In one compact, integrated unit, each VeraFi combines an 802.11a/b/g access point with a long-range RFID reader. Powered over Ethernet (PoE), the VeraFi provides broad RFID location and identification services, consolidates the more specific data from VeraRelay transceivers, and serves as the access point for eShepherd’s integrated WLAN.

Uniting the Technologies of Tomorrow’s Networks
The VeraFi series transmits via RFID to Exavera’s Vera-T™ family – a suite of RFID-enabled bracelets, badges, and asset tags that relay pertinent information including identity and current location. A single VeraFi is capable of supporting up to 2,500 Vera-T devices. The unit also communicates with wireless devices, such as PDAs, tablet PCs, laptops, desktop computers, WiFi telephones, and printers, via 802.11 a, b or g at speeds up to 54+ Megabits per second.

NOTES : (1) This device is subject to the FCC rules. Prior to any sale or delivery, the device will comply fully with all applicable FCC rules, including any rules requiring equipment certification, verification, or declaration of conformity as applicable; and (2) This equipment is only offered to business, commercial, industrial, scientific or medical users.

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