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Identifying ... the Future of Healthcare

eShepherd™ unites a secure broadband network with the Vera-T™ family of intelligent, RFID-enabled bracelets, badges, and asset tags. By integrating with a Hospital Information System (HIS), eShepherd enables positive patient identification, provides real-time patient, staff, and and asset location, and ensures secure information delivery to the point of care.

A New Era in Hospital Information Technology
At the heart of eShepherd is the VeraFi™ — Exavera’s access reading point. It enables real-time, secure communication between RFID and WiFi technologies, and integrates with the existing IT infrastructure. The VeraFi is in constant communication with all Vera-T devices, including the Vera-T patient bracelet, enabling automatic and positive patient identification as the caregiver approaches the bedside. Through the wireless network, medical professionals and hospital administrators can securely access and update information residing on the hospital’s database in real time using WiFi-equipped PDAs, laptops, tablet PCs, and their desktop computers. Internal firewalls and patent-pending encryption techniques ensure the highest level of security and HIPAA compliance.
Because the identities of the patient and authorized caregiver are confirmed automatically, medication errors are significantly reduced, saving lives and minimizing costs associated with ADEs (Adverse Drug Events). eShepherd’s automatic positive patient identification also meets JCAHO accreditation standards.

A Superior Healthcare Model
eShepherd's identification, location, and data-delivery services significantly improve hospital workflow. For example, checking bed availability does not require a physical inspection. Remote access to real-time bed vacancy information minimizes bed downtime. Further, critical assets such as pumps, wheelchairs, and mobile biomedical equipment can be located instantly. This capability saves time, reduces theft, and eliminates the need for excess inventory.


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A Tale of Two Visits

eShepherd's benefits are illuminated as we follow two patients through two very different hospital visits.

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