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Exavera Technologies Incorporated combines wireless technologies to build advanced networks that enable the identification, location and tracking of people and assets and document interactions between them.  Incorporated in June of 2003, Exavera is headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The company's management represents extensive experience in both communication technologies and the underserved markets Exavera's solutions address.


Technology continues to be successfully deployed to facilitate operational processes and solve business challenges. However, because solutions are often built to address a specific problem, many organizations now find themselves with a collection of isolated suites instead of a single, integrated system. Information is not being leveraged across the entire enterprise, and the investment associated with these deployments is not being fully realized.


This phenomenon is common in markets such as healthcare and homeland security, where an abundance of information with regard to people, items and transactions exists, but is not readily available to those who could use it to streamline processes, cut costs or even save lives.


Exavera addresses these underserved markets by delivering innovative information technology solutions that bring together disparate systems.  By enabling the convergence of wireless technologies and providing an enterprise-wide information-delivery system, Exavera ties remote applications back to the enterprise IT infrastructure and extends the power of existing software applications.

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